2000 Bowman Chrome Baseball Hobby Box

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Product Highlights

    • 24 packs per box
    • 4 cards per pack
    • Look For Roy Oswalt Rookies!!!
    • Look For Barry Zito Rookies!!!
    • Look For Brandon Phillips
  • 2000 Bowman Chrome Baseball Hobby Box

    This box is loaded with rookies!! This product lives up to it's moniker as "Home of the Rookie Card" sporting 114 rookie cards!!! Rookies include Barry Zito, Roy Oswalt, Carlos Zambrano, Francisco Rodriguez and Aaron Rowand!!! Look for Refractors and other fantastic inserts!!!

    24 packs per box, 4 cards per pack

    Parallel set:
    Refractor 1:12

    Oversized Chrome box topper 1:box
    Bowman Retro-Future 1:6
    Bowman Retro-Future Refractor 1:60
    Rookie Class 2000 1:24
    Rookie Class 2000 Refractor 1:240
    Teen Idols 1:16
    Teen Idols Refractor 1:160
    Bidding for the Call 1:16
    Bidding for the Call Refractor 1:160
    Meteoric Rise 1:24
    Meteoric Rise Refractor 1:240

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