2023/24 Topps G-League Basketball Hobby Box

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Each Box contains One Autograph Card!

Topps G-League Basketball is back in 2024! Collect all the top young players looking to take the next step on their paths to NBA Fame. Chase all the top names in the 100-card Base checklist or look for the top stars in our SSP inserts!


Base Cards:

Chase a 100-card base set featuring the biggest names in the G-League! Also look for Chrome variations of the base of the top 70 players.

Base Parallels:

* Base Blue
* Base Bronze #'d/199
* Base Orange #'d/149
* Base Green #'d/99
* Base Gold #'d/50
* Base Pink #'d/25
* Base Black #'d/10
* Base Platinum One-of-One

Chrome Base Parallels:

* Base Chrome
* Base Chrome Refractor
* Base Chrome Green #'d/99
* Base Chrome Gold #'d/50
* Base Chrome Pink #'d/25
* Base Chrome Black #'d/10
* Base Chrome Superfractor One-of-One

Insert Cards:


* Marksman Blue
* Marksman Green #'d/99
* Marksman Gold #'d/50
* Marksman Pink #'d/25
* Marksman Black #'d/10
* Marksman Platinum One-of-One

Take it to the Rack:

* Take it to the Rack Blue
* Take it to the Rack Green #'d/99
* Take it to the Rack Gold #'d/50
* Take it to the Rack Pink #'d/25
* Take it to the Rack Black #'d/10
* Take it to the Rack Platinum One-of-One

Ankle Breakers:

* Ankle Breaker Blue
* Ankle Breakers Green #'d/99
* Ankle Breakers Gold #'d/50
* Ankle Breakers Pink #'d/25
* Ankle Breakers Black #'d/10
* Ankle Breakers Platinum One-of-One

Draft Bound:

* Draft Bound Blue
* Draft Bound Green #'d/99
* Draft Bound Gold #'d/50
* Draft Bound Pink #'d/25
* Draft Bound Black #'d/10
* Draft Bound Platinum One-of-One


Find 1 Autograph per Box!

Find Autographs of the top prospects and the biggest names in the G-League!


* Autograph Refractors
* Autographs Green #'d/99
* Autographs Gold #'d/50
* Autographs Pink #'d/25
* Autographs Black #'d/10
* Autographs Superfractor One-of-One

4 Packs Per Box, 8 Cards Per Pack

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