ONE-TOUCH Stand 35pt Assorted Color 12-pack

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The ONE-TOUCH 35pt Assorted Color Stands are a great way to display your favorite trading cards in 35pt or 55pt ONE-TOUCH Magnetic Holders. This assorted color pack includes 4 red, 4 white & 4 blue stands. They are sized to hold Ultra PRO 35pt ONE-TOUCH, Ultra PRO 55pt ONE-TOUCH and Ultra PRO Single-Screw Screwdown. The three different color bases are designed to hold your favorite collectible card in place at a slight angle for superior presentation. (Card & ONE-TOUCH not included)

Compatible with the following Ultra PRO Displays:
• 15572 - 23PT UV ONE-TOUCH
• 15747 - 23PT Black Border UV ONE-TOUCH
• 81575 - 35PT UV ONE-TOUCH
• 85331 - 35PT UV ONE-TOUCH 5-pack
• 85566 - 35PT Black Border UV ONE-TOUCH
• 83656 - 35PT Black Border UV ONE-TOUCH 5-pack
• 85919 - 35PT UV ROOKIE Black Border ONE-TOUCH
• 81909 - 55PT UV ONE-TOUCH
• 15245 - 55PT UV ONE-TOUCH 5-pack
• 81139 - Single-Screw Screwdowns
  • A unique way to display your favorite trading and collectible cards
  • ONE-TOUCH stands hold card at a slight angle for superior presentation
  • Includes 4-Red stands, 4-White stands, and 4-Blue stands (each stand is individually wrapped)

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