2023 Sport Kings Volume 4 Hobby Box

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Configuration: 1 pack per box. 7 cards per pack.


- 1 Memorabilia card (could be a numbered or Premium parallel)
- 2 hard signed autos (regular or auto-mem both with numbered parallels to 1/1),
- 2 Regular Green Back Base (only 100 made)
- 1 Mini Green Back Base(only 50 made)
- 1 bonus card which could be 1 of the following: 3rd Autograph, 1/1 Game Worn Memorabilia Card or 1/1 Autographed Game Worn Memorabilia Card, 1/1 Sketch card, 1/1 Jared Kelley painted Art Card, 1/1 Grand Patch, 1/1 Red Back base or mini card, 1/1 Sportkings Icon Cut Signature featuring Babe Ruth or other historic figure, or a 1/1 Original rendering giveaway.

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