2021 Wild Card MATTE White Football Box

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  • 6 cards per pack, 3 autographs per pack.
  • 6 packs per box (4 WHT, 2 "ICE" packs).

Look 18 autographs per box on average!

Wild Card is Back and Hotter than ever!

MATTE™ is a very high-end card release:

Every Card is sequentially numbered
Every Auto is an “On-Card” autograph 
All Players are projected 1st round Draft Picks or Quarterbacks
72 On-Card Autos per Master Case

Chase Box Parallel™ -  Limited Release “Fire" & “Ice” Red and Blue Matte™ packs. Included in the 
Master Case ( 8 “Ice" boxes in the Matte Wht per Master Case) 

Wild Card Matte Hobby Release:

22 players all projected 1st rounders and QBs only
18 on-card autographs per box
Every card is #'d including the base cards
Every card is a Hit

Parallel Boxes - This is in a new and fresh concept taking the “parallel” from cards to boxes and packs. The blue boxes contain only Matte BLUE cards. The Matte Blue cards are 1/2 the production of the Matte White cards.

Each of the 6 mini’s contain 6 cards. 3 of the cards are on-card autos and 3 of the cards are non-autos.