2021 Topps Big League Baseball Hobby Box

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    • 10 cards per pack.
    • 18 packs per box.
  • 2021 Topps Big League Baseball brings a shot of nostalgia to the hobby with another year of designs drawing influence from fan favorite sets of the ’80s and ’90s

    Build the expansive 300-card Base Set chock full of top veterans & rookies, and look out for all-new inserts such as Souvenirs and Art of the Game!


    300-card Base Set featuring subsets such as Veterans and Rookies, Big League Best, Award Winners, and Highlights! Base Set Parallels

    • Orange Parallel – 1 Per Pack

    • Rainbow Foil Parallel – sequentially #’d to 100

    • Black and White Parallel – sequentially #’d to 50

    • Blue Foil Parallel – sequentially #’d to 25 NEW!

    • Black Foil Parallel – sequentially #’d to 15 NEW!

    • Red Foil Parallel – #’d 1-of-1


    Souvenirs – 1:4 Packs – NEW!

    Celebrate the top power-hitting gift givers from around the league, who are launching collectibles into the stands on a nightly basis.

    Home Team Traditions – NEW!

    While fans may have had to watch the 2020 season from their couch, they can still get a feel for the ballpark with this set highlighting some of the best traditions and gameday activities.

    Wanted – 1:4 Packs – NEW!

    Hitters beware, there are some players out there looking to rob you blind with their glove, and this insert set shines a light on some of the biggest perpetrators.

    Art of the Game –1:4 Packs - NEW!

    Grow your art collection with these all-new inserts marrying original art with some of the top veterans and rookies from around the league.

    Defensive Wizards – 1:4 Packs


    Big League Autographs

    • Electric Orange Parallel – sequentially #’d to 99

    • Red Foil Parallel - #’d 1-of-1

    Opening Act Autographs

    • Electric Orange Parallel – sequentially #’d to 99

    • Red Foil Parallel - #’d 1-of-1

    Souvenirs Autograph Parallel - #’d to 25 NEW!

    Wanted Autograph Parallel - #’d to 25 NEW!

    Defensive Wizards Autograph Parallel - #’d to 25

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