2021 Panini Rookies & Stars Football Hobby Box

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  • 10 cards per pack.
  • 6 packs per box.

Look for 2 autographs, 2 memorabilia cards, 5 numbered parallels, 12 inserts, 12 rookies, and 6 opti-chrome inserts per box on average.

Rookies and Stars 2021! Collect the biggest and brightest stars the NFL has to offer! On average, each box of Rookies & Stars delivers two autographs & two memorabilia! Collect Crusade, one of the trading card world’s most iconic inserts! Exclusive to Hobby, collect Dress For Success, an autographed memorabilia card featuring the top players from the 2021 NFL Draft Class! Be on the hunt for short-printed Opti-Chrome autograph parallels of Crusade, Airborne, Stellar Rookies & new to 2021 Star Studded!

BASE GOLD: Chase a 100-card base set of all the top players in the NFL.

ROOKIES BLACK & BLUE: 100 of the newest NFL rookies are on display in 2021 Rookies & Stars!

ROOKIES SIGNATURES GREEN: Collect autographs of the latest rookies!

STELLAR ROOKIES RED: Collect this stunning opti-chrome Rookie insert featuring 10 of the most collectible rookies from the 2021 NFL Draft!

CRUSADE SIGNATURES: Look for 6 opti-chrome inserts per box, on average! Be on the lookout for autographed versions #’d/99 or less!

STAR STUDDED WHITE: Look for this brand new Opti-Chrome insert in 2021 Rookies & Stars, featuring the best players in the NFL.

GREAT AMERICAN SIGNATURES PRIME: Great American Heroes features players who strive for greatness on and off the football field, collectors of all ages will be chasing this auto mem set.

DRESS FOR SUCCESS LAUNDRY TAG: Find autographed memorabilia cards of the top rookies in Dress for Success! This insert is EXCLUSIVE to Hobby and is #’d/99 or less! Also look for Prime (#’d/25 or less) and 1/1 Laundry Tag variations!

TEAM DUALS: Look for Team Dual memorabilia cards featuring combinations of the best rookie and veteran players in the NFL.


  • Base
  • Base Orange #’d/99
  • Base True Blue #’d/49
  • Base Red & Blue #’d/35
  • Base Gold #’d/10
  • Base Black & Blue #’d/5
  • Base Platinum


  • Rookies Orange #’d/99 Rookies True Blue #’d/49
  • Rookies Red & Blue #’d/35 Rookies Gold #’d/10
  • Rookies Black & Blue #’d/5
  • Rookies Platinum One-of-One
  • Rookies Signatures Max #’d/299
  • Rookies Signatures Orange Max #’d/99
  • Rookies Signatures True Blue Max #’d/75
  • Rookies Signatures Purple Max #’d/25
  • Rookies Signatures Gold Max #’d/10
  • Rookies Signatures Green Max #’d/5
  • Rookies Signatures Platinum One-of-One


  • Stellar Rookies Silver
  • Stellar Rookies White #’d/149
  • Stellar Rookies Red #’d/99
  • Stellar Rookies Pink #’d/75
  • Stellar Rookies Blue #’d/50
  • Stellar Rookies Purple #’d/35
  • Stellar Rookies Orange #’d/25
  • Stellar Rookies Gold #’d/10
  • Stellar Rookies Green #’d/5
  • Stellar Rookies Black One-of-One
  • Stellar Rookies Signatures Max #’d/99


  • Crusade Silver
  • Crusade White #’d/149
  • Crusade Red #’d/99
  • Crusade Pink #’d/75
  • Crusade Blue #’d/50
  • Crusade Purple #’d/35
  • Crusade Orange #’d/25
  • Crusade Gold #’d/10
  • Crusade Green #’d/5
  • Crusade Black One-of-One
  • Crusade Signatures Max #’d/99

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